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Imagine being prepared for you and your newborns new day! Imagine entering parenthood feeling ready for all that an infant entails? Doula Portland wants to help you get to that point! Call us today to learn how you can better prepare you and your partner, so that you and your family can enjoy and savor your special day.

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Ushering in a new life is often one of the greatest joys a family experiences; and for centuries, women have been aiding and supporting other women during the incredibleness of this course.  In fact, in many cultures, in both urban and bucolic locations, this support is a valued everyday practice.  Doula (Greek- woman’s helper), as it known, is the moniker given to this essential position. In the Pacific Northwest, a Portland Doula is close at hand— eagerly awaiting the opportunity to assist your family on this remarkable journey.

How does Doula Portland childbirth services work?

A woman’s body is designed to shelter, nurture and nourish life.  Each of the nuances during the development is important and can be, at many times, a challenge not easily met.  A doula is an experienced birth support and labor resource for families throughout this process.  Birth doulas offer a very natural and organic flow in their support that fluidly joins with the needs and requests of the family and of the expected child. Each childbirth advocate works attentively with families to prepare for and carefully welcome the new life.  Doulas are birth advocates—but not medical providers. Birth is extraordinary, and Portland Doulas can help families create and maintain the safe and peaceful space necessary for a beautiful and memorable experience.

Portland Doulas provide exceptional family birthing support:

•    Prenatal (before delivery)
•    Peripartum (during delivery)
•    Postpartum (following delivery)

Addressing Birthing Expectations
Each family is unique, as is each pregnancy.  Whether it is an expected first child or an addition to the existing family, the transition is always new and often full of ‘the unexpected’.  Even the most seasoned mother can find changing and transitioning to the family’s awaited expansion as a time for much needed support.  Expectations, whether believed or perceived, are a natural part of the birthing process for many mothers and families.  Doulas can be a source of true-life and accurate information, a balanced sounding board, an emotional reserve and a physical support for the expectant family.
Prenatal Support
Although not direct medical providers, doulas are uniquely trained and well versed in the birthing process.  Our experience affords us the ability to explain and simplify many of the medical procedures and complexities found in the birthing practice.  As birthing partners, we assist in the creation of manageable birthing plans that fit each family’s stated and unmet needs.  We are easily accessible and are available to help families remove possible stressors—readying for a smooth delivery process. We can also help partners and family supports with:

Doula Service

•    Helpful and accurate information about pregnancy and the birthing process
•    Guided instruction for stress reducing activities and exercises to ease and comfort mothers’ changing bodies
•    Healthy  and manageable meal planning
•    Arrival planning
•    Decision-making for supplies and accessories
Support during the Labor Process
In this portion of service, we provide emotional support, skilled labor coaching and beneficial physical support to make the transition smoother and more unforced for the family— mothers, most particularly.  The specific birthing needs for mothers fluctuate.  Having a practiced birthing partner to facilitate in the course has been shown to ease emotional stress for the mother and provide the essential peaceful shift for babies as they enter their new environment. We work closely with each mother, and exclusively during the projected week of the birth. We have seen this support bond doulas and families in extraordinary and amazingly empowering ways!
Postpartum Support
With the newness of the baby’s arrival, many families are set in ‘reactionary mode’, because the change—although eagerly expected, is not yet familiar.  Doulas in Portland offer reliable and non-intrusive support to families, as they are creating a new reality with their remarkable addition.   New mothers and parents are especially in need of assistance as they build and develop schedules and routines.  We can aid families in:
•    Understanding and preparing for nursing
•    Physical recovery for mom and baby
•    Emotional support for mothers and their families during the familial transition
•    Techniques and methods for designing a schedule best suited for the baby
•    Inform families about common expectations and infancy benchmarks
•    Planning in instruction for healthy postpartum meals that support the nutritional needs of mothers and nursing babies

Costs to Hire Doulas in Portland

Because all births vary, our fee schedules vary—dependent upon mutually agreed upon service provision.  With pre-, peri- and postpartum options, each family (along with the birth doula) investigates and chooses the best fit for the family unit. Portland Doula wants to be your labor, delivery and post-pregnancy support partner.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and interview, to meet with one of our practiced and compassionate birthing advocates.

Common Inquiries and Frequently Asked Questions about Doulas

Child Birth

What are some of the benefits of a doula during labor?
–    Studies have shown that the use of a skilled doula has decreased emotional stress for both mother and baby.  Additionally, studies also support decreased use of pain and assistive medications during labor

Are doulas the same as midwives?
–    Doulas are not midwives/nurse midwives.  As non-medical support, doulas are amply knowledgeable in the processes, procedures and nuances associated with pregnancy and delivery

Do they only support non-hospital births?
–    The birthing partners support the family in whatever delivery choice or location the family decides upon

Is there a specific time to introduce a doula during the pregnancy?
–    Because doulas are available pre-, peri- and postpartum, any time during the process that the family needs the support is an appropriate time for doula connection

Are doulas available 24-hours a day for expectant mothers?
–    Our doulas are easily accessible and take extra care to make themselves available for the expectant family.  They work exclusively with families during the week of expected delivery and are on 24-hour call during that time.

Do doulas do housework and chores?
–    Although doulas are happy to assist families with chore planning and light housework, they are not available for short-term and on-going daily chores.  Doulas can assist families in locating appropriate services, which may include housework and chores, if the family has need.

Are doulas similar to nannies?
–    Doulas are not nannies, but are highly skilled in helping new, growing and transitioning families understand and plan for the progressions experienced with their pregnancy, birthing and post-delivery needs.

We want to share in the joy and experience introducing a new life brings to your family.  Our passion and practice can be the perfect complement to the plan for whatever birthing plan your family has chosen.  Contact us for a consultation with a Portland Doula.  We would be happy to answer any questions your family might have about including our skilled and caring birth partners in you birthing plan.


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