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Imagine being prepared for you and your newborns new day! Imagine entering parenthood feeling ready for all that an infant entails? Doula Portland wants to help you get to that point! Call us today to learn how you can better prepare you and your partner, so that you and your family can enjoy and savor your special day.

A birth in the family is an exciting and magical time for all concerned. But, as we all know, it can also be stressful and hard work!

Did you ever wish you had someone to take the pressure off and help with the birth before and after? Well, the doula’s job is just that-to make everyone involved feel comfortable and relaxed, and to help take some of the strain off the new parents.

The word “doula” originates from the Greek word for female servant. A doula is a non medical professional who is highly experienced in the birth process and can help with many aspects of the labor and birth.

A Portland birth doula‘s job is to provide physical and moral support during the birth; to help with relaxation and breathing exercises during labor; to give information and answer questions; to make the mother feel safe, confident and relaxed.

A doula can help your birth to be as natural and stress free as it can be. They are not there to take the place of the husband or partner, simply to help on the day and the weeks leading up to the birth. Many couples find it very reassuring to have a doula present, as they are invariably well trained, knowledgeable and can make the whole experience less stressful.

Having a birth doula present can make a huge difference to both baby and mother-it has been proven that having continuous support during pregnancy and labor will reduce potential fetal health issues, and it certainly makes the whole experience far easier on the woman. A variety of different techniques will be used to make the birth as easy and comfortable as it can be, including relaxation and breathing exercises, moral support and information to put new parents at their ease.

After the birth, it is normal to have emotions and hormones going a little bit haywire. A birth doula will continue to visit and provide support and information after the birth, so you can feel relaxed about the events that are occurring.

Doula’s will not only help mother and baby to feel relaxed and happy, but can also help new fathers feel safe and secure in their new role. By providing information and communication about all the aspects of the birth, a doula can help new dads or partners feel more involved and more confident.

A good doula will teach both mom and dad about relaxation techniques and other methods to help make the birth easier, and will be there on the day to provide support. As the labor and birth can often be long and drawn out, having a birth doula present will take some of the pressure off dad so he is better able to cope with the birth and more able to support his partner.

Doulas are growing in popularity, and anyone can see why. Having a baby needn’t be a traumatic event! With the help of a Portland birth doula and a relaxed, informed, stress free environment, the birth will be easier and less stressful for all involved.


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