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Imagine being prepared for you and your newborns new day! Imagine entering parenthood feeling ready for all that an infant entails? Doula Portland wants to help you get to that point! Call us today to learn how you can better prepare you and your partner, so that you and your family can enjoy and savor your special day.

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Welcome To Doula Portland

Having a newborn comes with so many new challenges. Getting a full night's rest, learning with your new baby how to tackle the challenges of breastfeeding together, and helping your baby form a sleep schedule as well.

All these challenges can be made so much easier with Doula Portland OR by your side! We are the best to aid you and your newborn navigate all these new obstacles. We are here to walk you through the prenatal, birth, postpartum and postnatal stages.

Why Choose Doula Portland?

If you are looking to feel safe, and secure, and ready for you and your baby’s big day, it’s important to have someone there like Portland Doula helping you along the way. You need to make sure that the people there supporting you the day of, and leading up to your labor, are not only professional and trained, but trustworthy. Our doulas are just that. You will never be disappointed by our doula services, we guarantee it!

  • How the mother is feeling, physically, mentally AND emotionally
  • On the mother’s birth plan, that we stick to it as close as possible
  • That the mother feels supported in however and wherever they choose to have their baby
  • That the mothers feel as prepared as possible for the birth and postpartum care
  • Not only the mother’s mental health, but the family’s! Whether that be a father or partner, and if any other children are involved
  • Mothers feeling comfortable to ask their doulas any questions, day and night
  • Our doulas being prepared for anything that may arise

Make sure to call us today, we are ready to help you start your birth plan! We are so excited to get this journey started with you! We know that by hiring Portland Doula, you will only be more prepared, more stress free, and more excited for your momentous day! We would love to give you more info on what you're looking for, discuss different packages, and give you a free estimate!

Our doula agency is here to help you navigate the new world of a newborn! We make it our mission to help mothers feel ready for what a newborn brings to the table. We want our mothers to feel taken care of, and we excel at helping you feel that way. Our values not only include caring for you and your new addition to the family, but as well as your core family, which may or may not include a partner and/or additional children. Our company has helped many new mothers adapt to a new addition to the family! We are the best in the area as we strive to not only help at the beginning of your pregnancy and through labor, but we also will be there after, to help you through the beginning of postpartum.

What to expect from Doula Portland

We maintain a professional, caring environment that will only help you as you go through such a momentous journey! We understand how taxing pregnancy can be, and we strive to make it as easy as possible on you.

You can expect to be treated like family, because to our doulas, you and baby are number one priority! All the questions to ask a doula that you can think of, our doulas will answer them! Leave it to us to find a doula near you that is the perfect fit! Our moms love the constant support they receive and the almost immediate responses to their concerns.

We are more than excited to get started with you today! Call us and let us help you prepare yourself for your big day. We guarantee to find the perfect doula match for you! When you call, we will work with your schedule to set up a time to meet one of our doulas, and see if you are comfortable with them!

If not, we are willing to work with you to find another one one of our doulas that will be more compatible, to make your big day even better. Doula Portland Oregon is excited to start working with you, the sooner the better for you and your baby!


Doula Portland offers many services to our mothers. Our doulas are certified and trained to be the best in their field, and they're ready to exceed all your expectations. We offer care before birth, during labor, postpartum doula, and even end of life doula. End of life doula pertains more to the end of one's journey, when one is close to death. We help those transition into that mental state, and help them prepare themselves for that part of their journey, also known as death doula. For now we will just further discuss the doulas who deal with newborn babies, and what those services offer!

spokane prenatal doula

Prenatal Doula

  • Our doulas are ready to sit down and start your birth plan today

  • They will go through all your options to ensure you feel educated and sure of what you choose to do

  • Our doulas will support any decision you make for you and your baby

  • Our doulas are equipped to help any unplanned events that may arise

  • They have techniques to share, to help relax and be comfortable before and during pregnancy

  • They will make sure your mental, emotional, and physical health are all taken care of

  • They will also check in on the overall health and state of your partner and any other kids getting ready for a big change in their life!
spokane birth doula

Birth Doula

  • Whenever, however, and wherever you choose to have your baby, your doula is there!

  • Your doula will be ready to communicate with whoever is on your delivery team, your wants and wishes and needs

  • Your doula is ready to run for ice chips and come with honey sticks, whatever you may need to get you through your labor

  • Your doula has the techniques on hand to help position and relax you to help with labor, and or pain

  • Your partner, or family member will be able to stick by your side as your doula checks on your other kids, or runs to get a nurse or doctor for what you may need
spokane postpartum doula

Postpartum Doula

  • Your doula is ready to help you learn how to get the most sleep for you and your baby

  • They will teach you about sleep scheduling

  • They will help with breastfeeding, if you choose to go that direction

  • They can help with meal prep, to lighten your load

  • Also available to help with light cleaning, and helping with other children

About Portland, OR

Portland Oregon, a beautiful, green state overall, however Portland is its largest city. The population is around 2 million people, and is a city known for its art and music, and its relaxed lifestyle! Portland also is a shipping port, and its economy was primarily based on natural resources such as fishing and timber, but has also grown to include technology and manufacturing!

  • Beaverton, OR
  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • Milwaukie, OR
  • Cedar Mill, OR
  • Oak Grove, OR
  • Cedar Hills, OR
  • And Surrounding Areas..


“How much does a doula cost?”

Doula prices vary per package, but we would love to chat with you today to give you a price estimate for what you want! Doula Portland cost is an amazing price for how much you will value the experience

“Can I still have my baby at the hospital?”

Yes, of course. Your birth doula will support whatever decision you make for you and your baby, including how you have them.

“Can you tell me the difference between doula vs. midwife?”

A doula has no medical training, besides CPR. They are not trained to give medications and have no other patients that they will attend to. You are their number one priority in the moment, and they will stay by your side for whatever you need!

“What does a doula do?”

Doulas have so many different ways to aid a birthing mother. From helping them and giving advice on a birthing plan, to helping the mother relax during labor with different breathing techniques, to being a postpartum doula who helps mama with breastfeeding or sleep scheduling once the baby is born!

“How can i find a doula near me?”

We are here to help you find your perfect match! Contact us today, and stop asking yourself, “are there any doula services near me?” We are here to answer that for you!

"I feel so blessed to have had a doula by my side for such a crazy day. Not only did I end up having to have a C-section, unplanned, but my umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck. It was not only so scary, but all new to me. My doula got me through all of it. She communicated to my doctor what I needed, she was there explaining to me what was happening, and holding my hand all at the same time. She was well worth the price, I don't think I can ever repay her!"

Heidi L

"Not only do I think that everyone should get a doula, but I think everyone should use MY doula!! She was amazing and always available, and so kind and concerned about me! She treated me like family, with how much she cared about me and my own family. I will never have another baby without her by my side if I can help it!"

Brittney B

"My doula was a great service to me. I was in so much pain, and she was able to know exactly where my back was hurting and massage it accordingly. She was exactly what I needed, before I even knew I needed it! She exceeded the expectations I had for a doula, and I am so grateful for her."

Dianne S

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Doula Portland is excited for you and your big day, and we want to make it the easiest, best day possible for you! Let us be there every step of the way, and your big day will be so much more formulated how you want! Contact us today, and let us help you relieve the stress you're feeling from doing it on your own, we can be there for you and we want to!

Doula Portland is ready to help you on your journey to having a newborn. We are equipped with the best doulas to help you through your pregnancy, labor and postpartum care!

Call us today so we can get started together, so you can feel supported and prepared for your big day!

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